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Olds-Didsbury Airport Terminal


The ODFA is located between the towns of Olds and Didsbury. If you are leaving Olds and arriving from the north, go south from the intersection of highway 27 and 2A for 11.3 km and the airport will be on the west side of highway 2A by approximately another half kilometer. If you are arriving from the south, from Didsbury, from the intersection of the secondary highway 582 and highway 2A go north on highway 2A for 6.4 km, and the airport will be another half kilometer west. The GPS coordinates are provided on the Airport web page.

Community Involvement

As part of our interest in flying and community involvement we have been involved in COPA for Kids since 2010 and have taken hundreds of students on an introductory flight. After learning about flight in their science class this was an ideal way for them to experience the practical aspects of flying.

COPA for Kids COPA for Kids is an aviation program that is free to Kids. It brings together young people who are interested in the science of flight with licensed pilots where the pilots will provide you with an aviation informative introduction and then take you up for a flight. An introduction to this program can be found on the COPA for Kids website. REGISTRATION is now open for 2016. Our COPA for Kids day is June 4, 2016 (If rained out, our alternative flight day is June 11).

Mountain View Pistons

Mountain View Pistons

Mountain View Pistons is coming to the Olds-Didsbury Airport on June 18, 2016 for their Annual Show and Shine. This is their 11th Annual Show And Shine and this year it is being combined with a Fly-In.

Tail Dragger Aircraft - Survey

ODFA is running a survey to gauge the interest of obtaining a tail dragger aircraft and adding it to our rental aircraft fleet. If you are interested, please fill out the survey below. We have not decided on the type of aircraft at this time but some discussion has lead to a Citabria as one option. The comment section below is optional, but is provided to you in case you have some additional feedback that is not captured in the survey questions.

Olds-Didsbury Flying Association - Tail Dragger Aircraft Survey Tail Dragger Aircraft

Tail Dragger Survey Questions.

1. Are you interested in learning to fly a tail dragger aircraft?

2. If the ODFA acquired a small tail-dragger, would you be interested in renting block time for instruction or just plane fun?

3. Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the Olds-Didsbury Flying Association?

4. Comments below are optional but if you'd like to comment on the number of hours you would be interested in flying per year or anything that you feel is important but not covered by the questions please add them.

"You haven't seen a tree until you've seen it's shadow from the air. ~Amelia Earhart"

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