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The Olds-Didsbury airport is a registered airport located at Latitude N51° 42' 39" Longitude W114° 06' 22" and its ICAO airport identification is CEA3. The airport was constructed in 1983 and was operated by Mountain View County. As of the fall of 2013, the airport is now operated by the Olds-Didsbury Flying Association. You can contact us from the website if you have questions with regards to the services available, or on arrival, there are phone numbers with contact information in the terminal building. This one-page summary of the airport is available.

Runway Information

There are two runways, an asphalt runway 10 - 28 that is 3,664 ft long and 75 ft wide and a grass turf runway 04 - 22 that is 1,933 ft long and 50 ft wide. Through 2011 and 2012 the field was expanded with more space for aircraft hangers.

Olds-Didsbury Aircraft Tie-Down Area

Aircraft Tie-Down Area

The aircraft tie-down area is just northwest of the center taxiway leading to runway 10 - 28. The tie-down area consists of cables anchored to the ground and forms an "L" shape along the main taxi-way as shown in the figure.

Hangars and Airport Lots

Fee simple lots are available at the Olds-Didsbury airport. Some general information can be found on the Mountain View County website. For more information you can contact Doug Erdman, Economic Development Officer at Mountain View County at 403-335-3311 (Ext. 181).

For Realtor assistance you can contact Mel Crothers.


Being close to the towns of Olds and Didsbury there are a number of public facilities available.

Besides public facilities the airport is equipped with a number of services for your aircraft.

During your preflight planning check the CFS and NOTAMs for any latest changes to services or airport and runway conditions.

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