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Olds-Didsbury Airport Terminal


The ODFA is located between the towns of Olds and Didsbury. If you are leaving Olds and arriving from the north, go south from the intersection of highway 27 and 2A for 7.2 km and the airport will be on the west side of highway 2A by approximately another half kilometer. If you are arriving from the south, from Didsbury, from the intersection of the secondary highway 582 and highway 2A go north on highway 2A for 4.7 km, and the airport will be another half kilometer west. The GPS coordinates are provided on the Airport web page. A brief one-page summary of the airport is available.

Community Involvement

As part of our interest in flying and community involvement we have been involved in COPA for Kids since 2010 and have taken hundreds of students on an introductory flight. After learning about flight in their science class this was an ideal way for them to experience the practical aspects of flying.

COPA for Kids COPA for Kids is an aviation program that is free to Kids. It brings together young people who are interested in the science of flight with licensed pilots where the pilots will provide you with an aviation informative introduction and then take you up for a flight. An introduction to this program can be found on the COPA for Kids website. REGISTRATION is now CLOSED for 2018. Watch for our next event late May or early June 2019.

"You haven't seen a tree until you've seen it's shadow from the air. ~Amelia Earhart"

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