Olds-Didsbury Flying Association


Aircraft Maintenance

If maintenance is needed on the aircraft please follow the procedure listed below.


  1. Immediately phone either Ruff May (403-556-0074) or Lawrence Weston (403-559-4196) and inform them of the problem.
  2. Fill out the maintenance request form below and explain the problem in detail.
  3. Go to the Reservation Calendar and block off at least 2 days so renters see the problem and do not drive to the airport unnecessarily.
  4. When you put the notice on the calendar, please highlight the background in RED so the snag is obvious using the Colors: BG: (colors background) and select RED.


  1. When you have finished reviewing the snag, adjust the time blocked off in the Reservation Calendar to show the number of days the aircraft will be out of service.
  2. As appropriate, note the problem in the journey log book.
  3. When the aircraft is repaired, add a comment for the snag (Aircraft Repaired or something to identify its repair) in the reservation calendar so renters know the plane is airworthy again and change the color to GREEN in the Colors: BG: (colors background).

Aircraft Maintenance

Use this contact form to request aircraft or aircraft hangar maintenance. To contact us for any other reason, please use the General Contact page.

Contact for Aircraft Maintenance

Indicate the maintenance required.